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Dec 8, 2013 9:00am PST
a fresh baked brownie? ♪ yes! yes you can. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. >>> we are back with mo elleithee, susan page, and ken blackwell. we learned this week that congressional republicans are learning how to talk to women and how to run against women. i'm going to give mo first crack at this because he loves this story. but before you do, i just want to give you a few little blasts from the past from our current president. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. no doubt about it. >> how are you going to help the american autoworkers. >> hold on, sweetie. we'll do a press avail. i'm here because she's one of the finer looking politicians. >> so anyway, that was just to calm you down about the republicans learning to talk to women. >> i think the republicans' problem, what was so amusing to me as a democratic operative about the story that they were going to start holding sensitivity trainings on how to talk to and about women, they think the entire problem with women is about the rhetoric. it's not. it's about the policies. it
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1